What is RushFit?

RushFit is a unique combination of a fitness and a VR rhythm game.

It combines the best aspects of a rhythm game with various game modes, encouraging player movement, based on different sports. Competitive players can enjoy various challenges and leaderboards.

RushFit is an evolution of both genres in VR which is streamable, snackable and provides health benefits!

High adrenaline vr experience

Feel the speed and experience the rush of working out to your favorite music in a dynamic environment, hitting the notes, avoiding the obstacles and staying on the path.

Full body workout

Stretch your arms to smash the notes, duck and move to avoid obstacles, take a wild ride around the track. You are either sweating at the end of it or you’re doing it wrong.

Feel the music

There are no slow tracks – the ones in the game will keep you swaying your hips to the rhythm while having fun.

Developed to merge fun and fitness

We no longer have to leave the comfort of our own homes to get the blood pumping. But don’t you feel bored watching workout videos and seeing regular sweat sessions?

It’s impossible to get bored in RushFit when dancing around the obstacles, smashing notes as hard as you can, trying to stay in the game for the whole track and get that highest score, all that while moving your whole body and keeping yourself fit and healthy no matter the season.

Tailored experience

Every track is tailored specifically to the player. Input your height and the game will calculate note and obstacle placement to give you a proper challenge.

Featuring difficulty levels and options to make it more your experience, whether you just want to sway a bit and have some fun, or you need a proper cardio session.

Custom Songs

Make it yours! Use the built-in beatmap editor to create your own custom maps. Join the community of beatmap authors and share your creations!

Game modes for everyone

Find the best game mode for you and make it even more fun with countless gameplay modifiers.

Surf inside the Rush Track

Test your accuracy in Squash

Avoid obstacles in Slalom

Try not to fall off the Race Track